Richard Haberkern


What if we could build it?

In order to recreate the 1961 Ferrari California 250GT SWB, we would need a way to bend and shape the metal to its original form.

Luckily, with modern technology, we are able to 3D scan existing cars and build a modern buck like the one me and my Italian counterparts designed here. Maybe there is someone out there that wants to build a car like this. It would be great to see someone utilize this technolgy and the hard work that is going into my design.

Ferrari California 250G GT SWBbuck.

A wood buck is used to hand form a car body out of aluminum.

Hand pounding aluminum takes skill and is hard, time consuming work that takes years to master. There are a few shops still in existence worldwide so building the car from our designs would be possible although very expensive!

My good friends at Coachsmithing would be up for the task.

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