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Punk Island 2014 by Make Music New York

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From the front lines of promoting PUNK, COMMUNITY, and ALL AGES shows in NYC comes PUNK ISLAND. Make Music New York’s “Punk Island” is back and stronger than ever as we roll out our 7th event on June 21st, 2014. We are committed to keeping this show FREE for EVERYONE to come to, but we need the people who have the money to help make this show continue to be viable.

Punk Island is organized by and run by community volunteers, with representation from every facet of the punk scene. It will take place on Pier 1, in Staten Island adjacent to the ferry and is absolutely Free!

Putting on Punk Island is very much a labor of love, organized by a rag tag team of indigent punkers. With the ever rising costs of commodities and permits, coupled with everything in New York, it’s becoming increasingly more expensive, and difficult to put on this amazing all day free punk show. We’re asking the community for a little help putting this show on again this year, not just for us, but for you too!

Get first crack at 2014 experiences, prizes and swag. Limited edition stuff you can only get here. Feel free to just toss us a couple of bucks in even if you don’t want a care package, please feel free!

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