I am living in Florence, Italy to improve my design skills and become more artistic.

Current Projects
My wife and I have made a big change in our lives and will be living in Italy until 2014.  This is an exciting time for me because I am going back to school to complete my Master's in Industrial Design.  The city of Florence is the best place for me to learn and improve the styling of my products. I will be posting lots of updates from this beautiful city and also intend launch a few new products while here.
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I am now teaching on Udemy

With my recent successes on Kickstarter, I wanted to come up with a way to help others create great projects.  This new course is filled with tips and tricks that I have learned while creating Kickstarter projects in the last year and a half. This class is free so I recommend taking the time to view it before trying to raise money via crowd funding.
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Seo Packages
What is seo - seo tips