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This technology will change the way you listen to music forever! Over two years of research and development has gone into the new Soundlazer VR. We believe that this new directional speaker system will revolutionize the way people experience sound in their office or home. You no longer have to worry about disturbing others around you. We are very excited about this product launch and hope you will join us once again on Kickstarter. Our launch date is projected for the end of May 2016 and we will keep you posted right here. Release yourself from wires and uncomfortable headphones. This is a completely new type of listening experience! A Personal Cloud Of Sound Think of the Soundlazer VR as the Virtual Reality of Sound. You can immerse yourself in an organic, floating…
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Current Projects
In an effort to help encourage inventors, makers and do it yourselfers all over the globe, I have launched  This website is the first of its kind offering free parts to anyone who visits.  In addition, anyone that wants to become part of our maker community is welcome to submit projects each month in return for lots of free electronic boards.  Be sure to check out all the great stuff including robots, Arduino boards, sensors and more.
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